As many of my friends know, I am running for Pierce County Council, and I am running to bring a fresh voice to the County that my rural district has been without for years. A major focus of my work leading up to this campaign has been ensuring that I have the knowledge, historical context, and understanding to lead my rural district at the council. For some time, and especially since last Spring, I have been attending as many Pierce County Council meetings frequently to observe, listen, and learn.  Additionally, I have been attending several of the Pierce County Planning Commission “Public Hearings” including the meeting on March 4th along with with community members from Graham, Frederickson, and Mid-County voicing our opposition to an over zealous, mostly disastrous “rezoning plan” called Centers & Corridors.

After listening to the community and experts on the matter, it has become clear that something must be done to push the county in the right direction on this matter. I have spoken out on the record against the gold rush of rezoning, and the unrestrained developer cash-grab that aims to push a rebranded Pierce city, now being called Centers & Corridors. This quasi-city threatens to bring a 22 square mile high density rectangle of unchecked development out towards our beautiful mountain that fails to meet our county concurrency standards. The plan is ugly and needs to be slowed way down. Allowing this plan to go through as-is will no doubt seriously threaten our natural resources, dramatically affect our farmland, and cause drastic damage to our aquifer, rivers and streams. Pushing these plans without infrastructure placement, and safeguards, along with concurrency. We must respect and include the needs of life sustaining infrastructure, first responders, transit, water resources, parks, roads, hospitals, sidewalks, and schools. Allowing this current plan to stand would be a drastic mistake that our county and our people cannot afford! A large part of my platform speaks to these issues. I’ve been meeting for months with concerned community members, and with several of the LUAC leaders of Frederickson, Graham, first responders, and residents of the unincorporated Pierce County.

If you reside in the 3rd District, please call me I’d love to discuss these quality of life changing issues with you. If you would like to meet me and discuss these issues in person, we’re having a “Community Listening” Meet & Greet with Yanah G. Cook on Friday, April 3rd at the OHOP Grange from 6-9 PM. Music, food and refreshments will be provided. Also, if you would like to research Centers & Corridors on your own, the Pierce County website is a great place to start:

  1. Mary Watson says:

    Darn, thought you were in Thurston County! Really like your platform and wish you the best!
    Lucky Pierce County!

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