I am encouraged by the resilience of the members of my community. My friends and I have been on the telephone with parents of hungry children, senior neighbors with isolation issues, people with compromised immunity systems that worry for their health and business owners trying to get by with no business income. We have also encountered people effected by the over 800 deaths of good people since the pandemic in our state took hold.

One common thread we are hearing is that after more than a month of taking precautions, changing lifestyles and trying to plan for the future when things return to “normal,” is the desire for SAFETY and SECURITY.

Medical health problems related and unrelated to the pandemic, mental distress stemming from uncertainty, food insecurity, anxiety about job loss and managing tight budgets for housing, utilities and bills threatens what it means to be safe and secure.

I believe that this is a time where we need extra support. To me, the fabric of our society and its survival in trying times depends on our own fortitude, support from our families and our communities of friends and protective programs of our local government that come as a result of our hard work at our jobs.

If you need anything, please contact our campaign by sending us a note under the Contact the Campaign tab and either myself or one of my team will get back with you. I am also attaching a list of government and charitable resources that can be helpful to many right now.

I sincerely think that the future will be a changed future for all of us and I look forward to moving into the time ahead with confidence that I can work for you on the Pierce County Council with your safety and security in mind.


Emergency Food Network Map of food banks –

Emergency Food Network Map of free meals for Children –

Pierce County School Meal Locations –



WA health plan FAQ’s –


(IMPORTANT NOTE: Washington has extended open enrollment for the WA Health Exchange through May 8th)

Department of Health State Coronavirus Website –


Children & Families:

Extensive list of resources for Children and Families –




Resources for Immigrants:


For folks who want to help out:

United Way’s list of volunteer opportunities in Pierce County –


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