As Pierce County prepares to enter phase 2 of reopening, I wanted to share some information with my friends and neighbors about how phase 2 is being planned. Pierce County Public Health has created several useful webpages that will be updated as new information comes in and is available to them.

The Pierce County Public Health COVID-19 information page is located at and includes information about reopening, businesses, food establishments, schools and more.

Their reopening page is located at and includes specific information about the reopening process and should include exact dates when that information is available.

Governor’s office has also created a page with state-wide information on COVID-19 and the Washington safe start reopening plan located at

If you are an employer with questions about reopening, you can direct questions to the Washington State Business Response Center

And finally, if anyone in Pierce County has COVID-19 related questions, please contact the Pierce County Call Center at or (855) 722-5378.

I want to thank the people of Pierce County for coming together in this time of crisis to keep their community healthy and safe. The measures already taken have been working, and soon we will be able to resume our normal lives.

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