Friends this is hopefully the strangest fourth of July of our lifetime. A pandemic is preventing us from gathering together, divisiveness between political parties is growing every day, and people are taking to the streets in unprecedented numbers. People are sad, angry, and fed up with so much that this country has perpetrated over its 200 plus year history.

How do you celebrate America when at times it can feel like America is falling apart? What does our nations birthday mean when the freedom for all that it promised feels more and more like it’s slipping away? What do you do when you cannot gather with friends and family due to a pandemic that has spread like wildfire thanks to the politicizing of basic science?

I’m celebrating this fourth of July by working to make my slice of America a better place. What America needs is people who will stand up and fight for the dream the founders instilled in all our hearts. Regardless of how successfully America has delivered on it’s promises, we can start working towards them today. We can make our country what it claimed to have been for these past two centuries.

On this strange and bitter Independence Day I am working to win this campaign. Nothing will change in this country unless we get people into office to change this country. Together we have the capacity to change Pierce County for the better. We can enact real change.

But it’s going to take work. We need help from you. We need you to make calls for us, we need you to help us drop literature, we need you to donate. This is a movement and a movement needs people to sustain it. You are our lifeblood, and without you we have no hope of flipping Pierce County blue.

The fourth has a somber feeling this year. It feels like this nation is spinning out of control. We have the power to stop that. We have the power to right the ship. We have the power to move in the direction that a country that boasts life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should be going. Help us steer our country in that direction by starting in our county. Help us flip Pierce blue this Independence Day.

Thank you

In Unity,

Yanah G. Cook

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