With the primary election just three days away I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the many wonderful members of our community that have given me and my campaign their support over these challenging months. Their drive and enthusiasm keeps me moving and inspires me to maintain the fight to flip Pierce County blue!

A supporter found a home for our campaign signs in their garden.

Through your interest, enthusiasm, and participation in this process you’re helping to ensure that our leaders elected in this year, and in the future, will be held to deliver on the promises being made to the citizens of Pierce County.

I wanted to also share some great letters that were sent to the editors of Nisqually Valley News and the Eatonville Dispatch about me and my campaign:

If you want us to bring this fight all the way to November and have a real shot at bringing a more accountable, accessible, and responsible government to Pierce County please consider making a contribution to our campaign, every little bit helps!

-Yanah G. Cook

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