Hello my friends,

As many of you know the primary election results began to be released day before yesterday and we now know the results for our campaign. For over a year now Yanah has been working with her team of dedicated volunteers to Flip Pierce County Blue. You have all been a major part of this effort.

You have all gone above and beyond for Yanah and we thank you. We have called thousands of voters, dropped hundreds of literature packets, and placed signs all over this district. You are what has made this campaign possible and without your dedicated volunteer hours and donations this campaign would not have come as far as we have.

It is with a very heavy heart that we accept that we will not be advancing past the primary. This election cycle has been like no other, between the pandemic, the movement for racial equity, and the increasingly divisive rhetoric on the national stage which has evolved political campaigning itself in ways nobody could have predicted just 12 months ago. We are so proud of the positive energy put into this campaign by our community leaders, volunteers, and donors, it has been immense and is appreciated beyond words.

We will shortly begin the process of closing our campaign and finding new ways we can support other progressives in the county. We truly believe this decade will be one of great progress and change on the county, state, and national level. Real grassroots movements are the most important way we can create change on the local level, and they are powered with good people like you. We hope you will continue to fight with us with the same vigor and enthusiasm you have shown this year to improve our district, protect our natural resources and help the lives of everyone in our community.  Thank you again!

In Unity,

and with gratitude and appreciation-

Friends of Yanah G. Cook

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